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Three Keys to Proper Heart Attack Recovery Care at Home

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Walpole MA

Reduce Hospital Readmissions Walpole MAFollowing a heart attack, it’s important to follow doctor’s instructions. However, even that may not be enough for a senior to get back on his or her feet in a short amount of time.

When getting set to be discharged from the hospital, the individual will meet with his or her doctor to go over those specific instructions. They may include information about new prescription medication they’ll have to take, activities they need to avoid, foods they should consider eating, and even exercises they should begin doing on a regular basis.

When it comes to acute MI care at home, there are numerous things that can be done to improve health and well-being and ultimately reduce the risk of another heart attack in the near future. Most people would readily admit they want to reduce any risk of a hospital readmission, but they may not know how to go about doing it properly each and every day.

Here are three keys that will help a person recovering at home following a heart attack.

Key #1: Follow doctor’s instructions.

This cannot be stated enough; it’s absolutely essential to follow your doctor’s instructions as closely as possible. If some of those instructions call for relying on somebody else for assistance, at least for the first couple of weeks, then be sure to have somebody there who can help.

It’s always best to rely on experience, even though family might be more comfortable for the first day or two. A home care aide who has a lot of experience working with other seniors, especially those recovering from heart attack, can provide great insight and positive reinforcement that can make all the difference to continuing to follow those instructions.

Key #2: Get help.

As mentioned in the previous key, assistance and support are absolutely essential in the recovery process. Just because a person feels as though they can take care of themselves, that doesn’t mean they should.

There will be moments when the senior feels weak or doesn’t quite have the same strength in their legs, for whatever reason. It could be side effects from medications or other issues directly or indirectly the result of the heart attack.

Hiring a home care aide or series of caregivers is the best way to get the help seniors need following a heart attack.

Key #3: Exercise.

Many family members incorrectly assume that exercise is a bad idea following a heart attack. Each person is different, so they should always check with their doctor to make sure a certain type of exercise is okay for them, but most doctors recommend heart attack patients get at least some amount of exercise every day. This means increasing the heart rate which will strengthen the heart muscles, which will ultimately reduce the risk of another heart attack in the near future.

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