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Personality Matters When Home Care Options Are Considered

When looking into home care as an option, either for oneself or a family member, the best thing to do is look to an agency. An agency often has a wide range of prospective caregivers from which to choose, many of whom already have a great deal of experience, with a number of health issues.

Home Care for Seniors in Wellesley MA: Personality Matters

Home Care for Seniors in Wellesley MA: Personality Matters

Some of these caregivers may have worked with elderly clients with Alzheimer’s, recovering from a heart attack, or something else.

This level of experience can be extremely important.

The more experience a caregiver has, especially when working with other clients who have dealt with the same situation this elderly or disabled loved one is facing, can be instrumental at laying the foundation for quality care right from the start. If a person was helping another elderly client recover from a heart attack, for example, they will often understand the importance of exercise.

It’s not just experience that matters, though.

A person’s attitude, their personality, is also going to play an integral role in the success or failure of any relationship. If two people have opposing personalities, if they are combative, don’t see eye to eye, or don’t have a way to sit down and calmly and rationally discuss their differences, it’s going to create a hostile environment.

The senior deserves better.

This is one of the main reasons why it’s such a good idea to include any elderly individual in the process of seeking out a home care aide. They need to feel comfortable with this individual. They need to feel comfortable and confident in their decision to hire this particular home care aide or series of caregivers.

When they get the opportunity to sit down and meet with these prospective caregivers, they can ask questions. They should certainly be encouraged to ask questions to the point where they will be able to discern their personality, their interests, their background, and more, which can all have a direct impact on the comfort of that elderly client.

For a family member who is assisting an elderly loved one and capable of making a decision like this, it’s important to understand the friends he or she had through life, whether they were easy-going or difficult to please, and so on to help maximize the chances of selecting the right home care aide who will be the perfect complement for this elderly client, especially if long-term care and support is anticipated moving forward.

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Erica Tomasello

Erica Tomasello, has a background in Education and Clinical Psychology. She has worked with her mother for years, developing Care Resolutions into a premiere agency. Erica, and in turn, the agency's staff, continue to expand their knowledge with the ever growing development of understanding the aging process and geriatric disease. We are a member with Home Care Association of America and NFIB. We are also affiliated with NASW, National Association of Professional and Executive Women, Alzheimer's Partnership, Alzheimer's Association of Mass, MA Council for Home Care Aides.