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The Value of Outdoor Life, even for Seniors Relying on Home Care Support

Home Care for Seniors in Wellesley MA

Being outside can offer many wonderful benefits for people of all ages. Not only does direct exposure to the sun help the body synthesize certain vitamins, it can also feel invigorating. For seniors and others, whether they rely on home care support or not, they may have to be extremely careful with regard to sun exposure, especially to their skin and eyes.
home care for seniors in wellesley maThat doesn’t mean they should avoid going outside altogether. In fact, if an elderly person has a strong desire to be outside as much as possible, and they spend most of their days indoors, it can lead to an increased risk for depression and other emotional challenges.

How to make getting outside safe.

Getting outside can also be challenging for seniors who have less strength in her legs and more balance related problems. Relying on a cane or walker to get around means going for a simple walk around the block or through the backyard can lead to increased risks of falls.

By hiring a home care aide to support the senior, it can offer that person an opportunity to get outside as often as he or she wants with the right type of physical support. A cane or walker is fine for many things, but there could be certain obstacles that require a bit more support to get around.

The value of outdoor living.

As was the case when the senior was younger, they may simply enjoy spending some quality time outside and getting fresh air. By being exposed to fresh air, it helps to reduce certain risk factors with regard to viruses and bacteria that are common inside the house.

It will be important to pay attention to various allergies, including those to certain grasses, pollen, or other natural pollutants. Aside from that, enjoying a nice sunset, a cool evening after a hot, summer day, and more can be emotionally invigorating.

With the right type of physical support, the senior can get exercise as well.

Going for a brisk walk along with a home care aide who is supporting the senior physically can offer at least some exercise for the elderly client. Exercise is important for strengthening the heart, improving circulation, and mental stimulation.
Just because a senior requires the support and assistance of home care aides and other professionals doesn’t mean they have to remain home-bound.

If they have the desire to get outside, enjoy the sun, the warmer weather, and the fresh air, they should be encouraged to do so. When they are, there will likely be a noticeable improvement in their emotional mindset and outlook.

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