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What Are the Rights of Someone with Advancing Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s Care Newton MA

Alzheimer's Care Newton MA

John had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when he was 68 years old. At the time he didn’t know anything about the disease, other than what he had heard in passing. No one in his family had ever been diagnosed with any form of dementia, let alone Alzheimer’s.

His wife, three children, and other family members and friends all rallied around him to offer emotional support during those earliest days following the diagnosis. In the beginning, John handled himself well. The impact of what he had heard didn’t sink in for some time, not until he began to struggle with some aspects of his life that were beyond his control.

During those earlier stages of the disease, no one ever thought about discussing home care support services. His wife was determined to take care of him for as long as she could. His doctor suggested he might want to consider a home care aide so as to not place all of the pressure on his wife, but she stepped up and said she would be fine.

As the years pressed on, his memory loss became more significant and he began exhibiting more serious symptoms of the disease. He started lashing out at his wife, calling her names, saying disgusting things to and about her, and even throwing things in frustration and anger.

She took those things personally, even though John’s doctor was adamant this was not him, but the disease. That’s when John’s doctor recommended, once again, home care support. John’s wife reached her breaking point. She couldn’t take it anymore. His adult children didn’t live anywhere nearby to help out and his friends had long since lost touch at this point in time.

That’s when someone suggested they just hire some caregivers to help take care of him during the day and maybe even overnight. John’s wife wasn’t too keen on the idea of having people come into her home she didn’t know.

One thing was clear: John needed help. No one sat down to talk to him about it, though. He still had plenty of lucid moments, but his aggressive tendencies and frustrations continued to develop and grow. He was getting more frustrated and angrier, it seemed, each passing week.

When the caregiver started working with John, he wasn’t going to have anything to do with it. He was adamant about not relying on home care support.

This caused even greater strife in the family. They were trying to force him to accept home care and he wasn’t going to allow that. What his family didn’t realize was John still had every right to determine the course of his life, and care.

What they eventually did was sit down and explain the benefits of home care support. They explained how John’s wife was being impacted by all this, and the more he learned, the more he realized this was something he should seriously consider.

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Erica Tomasello

Erica Tomasello, has a background in Education and Clinical Psychology. She has worked with her mother for years, developing Care Resolutions into a premiere agency. Erica, and in turn, the agency's staff, continue to expand their knowledge with the ever growing development of understanding the aging process and geriatric disease. We are a member with Home Care Association of America and NFIB. We are also affiliated with NASW, National Association of Professional and Executive Women, Alzheimer's Partnership, Alzheimer's Association of Mass, MA Council for Home Care Aides.

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